Art Exhibit Prospectus




APRIL 15 through MAY 14 2023
26 E. Quincy Street, Westmont, IL 60559
Wednesday through Saturday (11:00AM to 6:00PM)

INTERTWINED, is open to all artists and designers creating original work. Only work of your own design and individual effort are eligible. All items must be display ready, finished and suitable for mixed audiance.


• Only original work will be accepted: You may not submit artwork created in a TLD DESIGN CENTER class, workshop, or based on the photography of another person, artist, instructor, or publication.

• Artwork must have been created within the last two years and not displayed previously at TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY.

• Entry fee is: $5.00 per entry up to 5 entries (max fee is $25). Entry fee does not guarantee acceptance into exhibit. Entry fee is not refundable.

• Submit one, high resolution digital image of each entry (Format requirement: .jpg or .png, RGB, 72 - 300 dpi, files no larger than 2MB).

• Use the format below to rename and save your image/photo files prior to uploading:

Last Name-First Initial-Title of Artwork-Entry Number.jpg
Last Name-First Initial-Title of Artwork-Entry Number.png

• Include a brief Artist Statement (No more than 100-150 words).

• Submissions are considered complete when application form, digital images, and entry fees have been submitted and paid.

• All submitted entries will be juried by: Tammy L Deck, Award-Winning Fiber and Mixed Media Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur and Owner of TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY

• TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY will notify all artists of entry acceptance status via email address provided on application form.


A "Best of Show" and a "Viewer's Choice" award will be selected from artwork exhibited.

Sales are encouraged to further the efforts of artists/designers. Entrants shall price their own work and these prices should be representative of established market value. The prices, as stated on the application, may not be changed during the entire run of the exhibit. Only one "Not for Sale" entry is allowed per person. Only those items approved by the juror will be exhibited.

TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY retains a 30% commission of the retail price when the item is sold. Artist’s “Retail Price" must include this commission.


By submitting your entry, you agree that TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY may freely use your submitted digital image of accepted artwork to publicize and promote the INTERTWINED exhibit. Additionally, TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY reserves the right to photograph any or all entries accepted for the exhibit, regardless of copyright, to be used for purposes of promoting the artists and marketing the gallery and this exhibit; This includes, but is not limited to, video, social media posts, email, or distribution of printed marketing materials.


Delivery: MARCH 28th through APRIL 8th
All “Approved Artwork” must be delivered during business hours (free of freight charges) to:
26 E. Quincy Street, Westmont, IL 60559

Business Hours:
Wednesday through Saturday (11:00AM to 6:00PM)

Pick-Up*: MAY 14th 4:10pm through MAY 27th
All unsold items will be available for artist pick-up and must be made during regular business hours above.
*In the event artwork is left unclaimed at the end of this time: It is the full responsibility of the artist to contact TLD DESIGN CENTER AND GALLERY personnel and make all arrangments to ship by UPS or USPS. Any return shipping, deemed appropriate, must be paid for in advance. Instructions, insurance, and prepaid shipping label must be provided to TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY by the artist. Failure to remove art work may cause it to incur Storage fees or declaration of abandonment.


TLD DESIGN CENTER & GALLERY personnel will exercise all reasonable care with accepted entries, but it is clearly understood by the artist/designer that we assume no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any loss or damages caused or occurring while work is in exhibition, storage or during shipping. Artists who wish additional protection should procure insurance independently.


Artist Entry Submission Deadline EXTENDED TO March 11, 2023
Acceptance Letter Sent Out: by March 15th
Accepted Artwork Drop Off:
March 28th through April 8th
Public Exhibit Opens: April 15th
Exhibit Closing Reception:
May 14th Noon to 4pm Mother's Day
Exhibit Closes:May 14th (Mothers Day)4pm
Artwork Pick Up: May 14th (4:10pm) through May 27th

Your entry submission to the INTERTWINED Exhibit constitutes your agreement to all conditions stated in this prospectus.